Our Career Crossroads

Things are kinda stressed ’round these parts.

Thankfully, it’s nothing health-related but we’re at a crossroads with Jame’s web development business, Pixo Web Design and Strategy. We’re busting at the seams. He has built up a great client base and we can’t keep up with everything.

That should be a good thing, right?

The thing is, we’re working around-the-clock and are at a crossroads. We need to expand and hire help but it’s a scary proposition when we’ve been using the safety net of just commissioning freelancers. And hiring employees means less money for us when we’re already stretched thin so that means raising prices and….

Can someone please explain to me how people run their own business without having a nervous breakdown? We are lucky we’ve turned a profit almost from the very moment Jamie started Pixo and his skills have proven he is a force to be reckoned with. But three years later, we are in dire need of sitting down with someone to draft up a solid business plan.

You know: the kind where you sell off the business a few years down the line for millions of dollars and retire in your early-40s. Anyone got a plan like that? :)

One of the keys for us is to get more clients on a monthly retainer so we’re not scrambling every month to cover those who don’t pay on time, sites that get delayed, etc. And Jamie found two great ones for us but the problem is I need to run the campaigns. ‘Lil ol’ me who is already running around with my head cut off working all hours of the morning and night, juggling kids, household, church and more.

I had a complete meltdown the other night. Jamie handled it well. He lovingly listened to me and offered to take it all away, which helped me see that he needs this. We need this. We both need to step up the next several months to make this work, to make it grow.

What kills me the most is I wish I could freeze time with Haddie and Bode. They’re at such delightful ages–no longer dependent babies and are beginning to truly blossom into the people they were born to be.

Sometimes I just miss the days when they were little and I scrambled to fill my 15-hour days. Would I take Haddie hiking? Would Bode and I go to storytime? Every day, I desperately needed to get out of the house to do something with them, even if it was just for walk around the neighborhood.

These days, if I get even that I am lucky.

Breathe deeply. My therapy will be posting about this summer’s Great Canadian Road Trip next time.

A momentary reprieve is just around the corner….

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