Out of the Mouth of Babes (the good, the bad and the honest)

It’s been quite the crazy week but I’m pleased to say I’m [barely] surviving. I have much to report but alas, no energy or time to do it today. We have a photo-shoot with The Hurricane this morning for her 2 year birthday (which is next week). I took her yesterday to a photo studio and it was a decidedly hellacious experience. It was like my adorable toddler transformed into her Terrible 2s in one instant. Actually, it was an instant that lasted an eternity and not one of those photos turned out. A photographer friend bravely offered to try today but this time, I’ll have the ultimate weapon with me: Grandma.

Oh, and did I mention it’ll be record-breaking 90 degrees in Denver today? I am, of course, absolutely thrilled about that. Bring on the Beluga bathing suit and kiddie pool.

Continuing on the subject of immigration from my last blog, I got a kick out of my friend Angie’s email she sent last week. Ahhh, out of the mouths of babes:

“The elementary school I work for in Arizona is about 95% Hispanic, many of them illegal, and all of them affected by the current immigration issues . (ie: last week on the Stay-Home-From-School-Work-Shopping-Day over half of our students were absent) Anyway, a kindergarten teacher I work with shared a funny exchange between she and a student recently.

Jesus (Student): Oh Mrs. Lavoie! I’m moving to Mexico.
Carole (Teacher): Jesus, I’ll miss you. When are you moving?
Jesus: Whenever the police catch us!

LOL! I mean, don’t we all want to live the American Dream? Oh wait. I’d be happy to live the Canadian Dream these days. You know, the one with sub-zero temperatures and blessed wind-chill factors….

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