“Party All the Time”–Halloween in Pictures

Our month of festivities is drawing to a close. To be honest, Halloween itself is a bit of a letdown after all the parties, trunk-or-treats, pumpkin patches and weigh-offs. My only solace is The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year is on Saturday.

You know. When Target’s Halloween items go on sale.

Last week, there was a carnival and trunk-or-treat at the church. I volunteered at one of the booths and my infamous hat from Salem made its debut. I boasted about it to Jamie afterwards.

“My hat was a hit!”
“Oh really? With whom?”
“With everyone I told how cool it was.”

An essential ingredient to any Halloween is, of course, cute children in costume.

Note: Haddie’s kitty ears were unintentionally cut-off in this picture, though maybe it was more of a subconscious effort. The dear girl broke the original kitty ears headband and I had to resort to folding over some rabbit ears. She looked like a playb*y bunny gone bad. Really bad.

And then there was Haddie’s big Halloween party. There was fantastic, creepy food that included eyeballs, dried scabs, bone breadsticks and a goopy green chocolate fountain.

And fun games such as the ghost marshmallow war.

I added something new this year. Many of the kids are 4 years old and in my opinion, ready to be traumatized spooked. And so I did what every good friend would do:

I delegated the responsibility to my friend Tina.

She went above and beyond–she decorated our basement for a spooky storytime and had a fun story, complete with tactile visuals.

Fortunately, there were no victims. Well, with the exception of our brand-new carpet that met a few worm/spaghettio droppings.

And for those who have not been privy to our failed attempts at a group photograph each and every year, let us stroll down memory lane.





Nice to know some things never change.

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