Planet Alignment Tabulation Part II

This post won’t make any sense unless you read my previous entry regarding my attempts to ascertain Planet Pluto’s Performance (P.P.P.) on our recent trip. Then again, most of what I say is lacking in gumption so you may just wanna be the risk taker you think you are and read on.

Daytime Drama

Despite all the setbacks (note: you would know what I’m taking about if you had just read that other entry), we had a grand time with Meredith and Andy. We had great eats, took Bode swimming for the first time and played cards until late. Well, late being 10 p.m. after the time change, which is a veritable night out on the town for us these days.

It was a flurried frenzy outside so we took the kids out to Snow Mountain Ranch’s Nordic Center. While baby Maddie was content to just eat the snow and pass out on her sled (not to beat a dead horse but… see picture on previous entry), plucky Haddie pummelled down the mountain. Because having a Dora the Explorer ski coat inspires her to conquer the world.

In the meantime, Bode and I went for a hike together in my new piece-of-crap Ergo carrier that I could not load even if my life depended on it. Or his life, which has been in jeopardy a few too many times during said loading process. Regardless, he said it was lots of fun. Too bad it was the only time he slept the entire trip.

P.P.P.: Perfectly aligned (but a little lopsided.)

Nappy Naptime

We have our own natural disaster at our place lately. Sadly, the Hurricane is slowly ceasing and desisting from that-which-is-my-only-daytime-sanity: her naptime. This weekend was no exception so instead of keeping grumpy Bode awake with her antics, I took her for a Girl’s Afternoon Out at the gymnasium.

We raced around playing soccer and basketball before Hadley announced she wanted to try roller-skating. Even though I’m a roller-blading junkie, I warily looked at her.

“You’re only 2.”
“I wanna skate!”

I caved and strapped her into the rental skates that looked about as old as me. I thought for sure she’d be screaming out of fear within moments but I was wrong. Brazenly, she pointed me in the direction she wanted to go and I obligingly supported her efforts as she glided along. Until she attempted to jump in them. And then scale the stairs. If they’d had a ramp I’m sure she would have vaulted off that as well.

When I loosened up a little, I started to appreciate her aptitude and had visions of athletic grandeur as I relished that I had blessedly escaped birthing a prissy girl. Until we removed the skates and she looked at them distastefully.

“What’s wrong, Haddie?”
“They don’t match my clothes.”

P.P.P. Perfectly aligned (but allegedly lacking in color coordination).

The Drive Home

Bode slept. Haddie puked.

P.P.P.: I’d have to call this one a draw.

SOLVE MY RIDDLE: Who in this picture had not slept for two nights?

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