Potty Training Mayday. Again. Halp?

Do you see this girl?

She. Is. Killing. Me.

For the most part, she has been delightful since she turned four last May. She captivates her audience with her creative stories, befriends everyone, is learning to write like a whiz and modifies her adverbs better than most adults.

Bottom line: she is smart.

So why does she not go on the #$&(#$ toilet?

From the above statement, you might think I am frustrated. And you might be correct. When she finally potty trained last February, we thought we were home-free. We were wrong. It started with a summer of travel and a few accidents occurred. We let them slide. After all, we were off schedule.

It has been four months since then and each month has grown progressively worse. The occasional accident has turned into regular accidents and the past two days? Poop accidents. And at this, I put my foot waaaaay down.

It’s different from the power struggle we once had because she now tries to hide the fact that she did it. I have heard explanations of a possible growth spurt or she gets too wrapped up in what she is doing and forgets. We have thought maybe she’s not getting enough attention so have made the effort to spend more one-on-one time with her.

The only thing that has worked (albeit temporarily) is taking away beloved toys for extended periods of time. I now hold the corner on the market of every stuffed animal she has ever owned. And do you know what? It feels like the only one who is feeling any pain from this whole thing is me because she is completely indifferent.

She had yet another poop incident tonight that we made her clean up. Jamie spent a long time talking to her about it and assured me they had an “understanding.” An hour later, she did it again. For the first time ever, I sent her to her room for the rest of the night, banning her from watching the Santa show on TV with us.

I am tearing my hair out over this.

Fortunately, I have a lot of spare.

But not a lot in the sanity department.

So, I welcome any advice, assurance and/or condolences you may have!!!

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