Reason #104,333 Why Jamie Married Me: My Great Easter Profundities

Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful so we went for a walk to a nearby pond to feed the ducks. Upon our return, we were discussing Haddie’s and my Easter dresses for church. Jamie, not wanting to feel left out from the conversation announced his choice of outfit.

J: I think I’ll wear my nice brown suit.
A: Great idea! [in actuality thinking that's the only one he ever wears]

Then, trying to make him feel good, I started grasping at straws to make his choice of outfit fit into the Easter spirit. Oh, and also because he refuses to be caught dead wearing pastels.

A: Well, you know Jesus’ hair was brown. And and and the Easter Bunny is brown, too!
J: The Easter Bunny is white, Amber.
A: [With light bulb switching on] GASP! You’re right! We have a Caucasian Easter Bunny. That is sooo prejudice. Do you think they have brown Easter Bunnies in, say, Africa?

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