Snowmamas Getaway in Park City!

I’ve had a lot of fun on the slopes with my family this winter but sometimes a girl just needs to have fun. Park City Mountain Resort Marketing Director Krista Parry recruited five moms from various walks of life to contribute to and one of our rewards was a getaway weekend.

In style.

And with adrenaline.

(Hanging with The Vacation Gals Jennifer Beth and Kara at Utah Olympic Park. See my previous post about braving that crazy bobsled run).

We went tubing at steep, fast and thrilling Gorgoza Park.

(Picture: Krista, Me, Sugar and Linda as we teetered on the ledge of doom.)

And the snow. Did I mention the snow? On Friday, Park City Mountain Resort received 17 glorious inches of it. That, coupled with my Nordica Hot Rod demo skis made for the best ski day in The History of Amber.

Long and sordid as it is.

(Picture: Me, Krista, Linda and Katja)

There were only two exceptions:

I got separated from the group and encountered expert terrain with thigh-deep snow. Do you know those skiers in the Warren Miller films who effortlessly swoosh down the slopes leaving a spray of sparkling powder in their wake?

I was the very antithesis of that.

And then there was Sugar. I learned very quickly not to stop 10 feet from her because it will result in a roller-derbyesque take-down wherein she called me an unmentionable name.

Hint: it was not at all sweet.

Lest you think the Snowmamas are all work with no play, allow me to dispel these notions. I spent an afternoon brainstorming with some of the greatest minds in social media and family travel including syndicated columnist Eileen Ogintz.

Of course, maybe it’s not considered work if you’re holed up in a gorgeous cabin with food, new friends and fun.

Even if some of them do call you unmentionable names.

Let’s talk Girl Getaways. I’ve already named Park City as mine. Where would yours be?

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