The Broadmoor’s Bliss and an Apology to My Daughter’s Future Husband

To Hadley’s Future Husband,

I am thrilled you have chosen to join our crazy family and love our daughter as much as we do. She is a happy, funny and spirited girl who loves digging in the dirt but who also enjoys the finer things in life. That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

You see, I’m afraid The Broadmoor may have ruined her forever.  She celebrated her ninth birthday at this iconic AAA Five-Diamond luxury resort in Colorado Springs. At this “Grand Dame of the Rockies,” she was pampered, primped and indulged in every way.  As she lounged poolside in her cabana sipping a milkshake, I asked her what she thought of everything and she resolutely declared, “Paradise.”

Room Service Perfection

Imagine, if you will, sleeping on the resort’s Platinum Suite Plush non-flip one-sided mattress and waking up to painting-perfect views of Cheyenne Mountain with a glorious spread of food including Belgian waffles delivered to your room with a “happy birthday” message.Then, for her adoring family to shower her with presents fit for a queen.

And that’s a pretty cool candle-lit crown.

The Broadmoor’s Charms

Of course, a leisurely stroll on the immaculate grounds is a must after breakfast.

Charming mama swan and her baby cygnets

As is stopping to pose near the cottages, just as she did five years ago when we stayed at The Broadmoor with Grandma and Grandpa B.

Hadley at The Broadmoor: Then and Now

Memorial Day weekend at The Broadmoor is not lacking in festivities and she took it all in on the North Lawn–from face painting, to the bouncy castle to making cotton candy.

Because when you’re 9, your childhood is that much closer to fading away and it’s important to hang onto it as long as possible.

It’s also important to work off some of those calories so that’s where paddleboating Cheyenne Lake comes in handy.

Oh wait, calories don’t count when you’re 9 so no worries that she overindulged for lunch at the Golden Bee, the resort’s authentic 19th century English Pub.

Going Western

But all of those weren’t even the highlights. That afternoon, she participated in one of her favorite things: horseback riding at the Stables at the Broadmoor. After an adventurous 30-minute drive up Old Stage Road, she bonded with a kitty and her spirited mare Dixie. 

Then she was set loose to rediscover Spencer Penrose’s (the Broadmoor’s founder) bootlegging trail through Pike’s Peak National Forest past spying deers and bear-clawed aspens. The owner of the stables bought Hadley some birthday cupcakes that she graciously devoured. But what happened next cannot be matched. The owner called the stable’s resident pig Mildrid. On cue, Mildrid leisurely sauntered up the dirt path and, on demand, sat like a dog. Hadley then fed Mildrid her very own cupcake.

Think you can duplicate that, dear future husband? I’d like to see you try.


But the day wasn’t over yet. That evening, her dear family gathered for a birthday celebration like no other at Play, The Broadmoor’s newest eatery that features six lanes of bowling. gourmet eats and a game room. For the next two hours, Hadley drank (two milkshakes, thankyouverymuch), ate (New Mexico Nachos, BBQ Pork Sliders and the Parmesan white truffle popcorn were especial favorites) and bowled. 

Not even her obnoxious brother and father could put a damper on her spirits.

From her dad’s “I’m on fire” to Bode’s competitive drive turning into overdrive “I’m just a little kid and I’M BEATING YOU ALL!”

Of course, no birthday is complete without a gloriously gooey chocolate cake.And what kind of parents would we be if we hadn’t brought our disco ball for a late-night dance party to Taylor Swift in our room before bedtime?

So, pretty much the bar is set unreasonably high for birthday celebrations. I’d facetiously say “you’re welcome” except her father and I still have to survive nine more birthdays after this one. Heaven help us all.


Your favorite mother-in-law

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