The Pie Hole Defined

Couple illness with our busy life and I feel like we have been in hibernation for the last two weeks. So at the first hint of normacly, I planed a day jam packed with fun: we would meet some friends for a playgroup at the park, drive downtown to R.E.I. to buy a bike pump, go for a long walk past Confluence Park along the Platte River (one of my favorite areas) and then have some free pie as a part of ABC’s promotion for the television show Pushing Daisies.

I generously let Hadley play hooky from preschool so she could join us. Because I’m nice like that. And also because her carpool buddy is out of town and to have to drop her off and pick her up? Unthinkable.

We had a jolly old time with our friends and then headed downtown to R.E.I. and on our walk. It was a beautiful day, the kids were content and we were going for free pie. Could life really get any better?

Or rather, I should say, “Could life get any worse?” Because guess what: it always can.

The plan was to go to where ABC had parked their traveling Pie Hole promotional bus, grab some pie and then eat lunch at a hip little market in Larimer Square. The problems began not with the pie, but with their free promotional balloons. One would think the acquisition of Said Balloons would be innocent enough.

Until the fights ensued.

So violent were the squabbles that Bode went on a pie strike, refusing to eat. And just as the pies were going to be used as weapons of war, I confiscated Said Weapons and nipped the rebellion in the bud.

Or more appropriately, in the Pie Hole.

Funny, I never knew where that term came from until now…. :-)

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