The Power of Prayer

I have always believed in the power of prayer but this testimony has been reconfirmed the past couple of days.

Case study #1: The other night after feeding Bode at 3:30 a.m., he started fussing when I went back to bed. I said a quick prayer: “Dear Lord, if you don’t want me to be a crazed lunatic who cries because the laundry hasn’t been put away for two days, please let this kid sleep.” And do you know what? He stopped immediately. I guess that means I have to put away the laundry now….

Case study #2: I’m a bit ashamed about this one. Y’see, yesterday was supposed to be my first day alone with the kids but it didn’t happen. Why? Because I prayed my husband home. Yep, the night before I prayed I’d get some help and lo-and-behold, Jamie woke up sick for his first day back on the job. Of course, I would never pray ma honey sick. Unless I knew he’d be exceedingly helpful, of course.

Case study #3: This is the one where I learned that I control even the elements through my great faith. Several years ago when I worked as a publicist in the ski industry, I had the opportunity to participate in SkiUtah’s infamous Interconnect Adventure Tour. This tour offers the advanced skier the chance to ski often treacherous backcountry routes through five resorts in a single day for $150. Why would I submit myself to such a crazy thing? Simple: I had the opportunity to do it for free.

Photo: skiing Tahoe in non-powder conditions

I have been skiing since I was 5 years old but to put it mildly, backcountry powder skiing just ain’t my forte so I rented some “revolutionary” backcountry skis to help. In the beginning, I had some minor difficulties balancing my weight on my new skis. I fell quite a few times but overall I was doing pretty well. Doing well, that is, until I actually had to leave the summit. Though not pretty, I did manage to make it down the test run, after which time the instructors separated the wheat from the tares (meaning those of us who sucked and those who didn’t.)

I was labeled a borderline tare: one who was a strong enough skier to complete the tour but who would probably be miserable because of the harsh backcountry conditions that day. I opted to stay onboard, primarily because there were some weaker than I but mostly because I was the only female left.

As we boarded the van, I noticed all of my fellow borderline tares were gone. And suddenly, so was my comfort zone. I subsequently did what I do best in such situations: I panicked. After a few minutes, I resolved I was accomplishing nothing by stressing out so I prayed for the biggest blizzard Mother Nature could muster up.

Sound a bit crazy? I am not one of little faith when my butt is on the line. As we rounded the bend, a freak snowstorm miraculously blew threw. A few minutes later, the guides canceled the trip for fear of avalanche danger in the backcountry.

The moral of these stories?

Never underestimate the “powder” of prayer….


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