The Secret is Out!

I finally figured it out. The secret that parents everywhere keep from their single friends. After having children, you never get a full night’s sleep again. First, there’s the colic. Then, they teethe. Then they become mobile and are too wound up to sleep. And then the toddler tantrums begin. The term “Terrible 2s” leads those ignorant souls (such as myself) to believe you have until age 2 before these meltdowns begin. Not so. Hurricane Hadley started them at 15 months. So consider this a warning to new parents everywhere. I guess this is what I get for giving birth to Mini-Me! Hopefully the next one will take after nice, even-tempered Jamie!

Haddie and I just returned from a walk down south with some of my Mountain Mama friends. For those who don’t know, I’ve been in a hiking group since Haddie was six weeks old. These days I’m toting around 30+ pounds with her, my pack and water…quite the workout.

But I met a new gal today who lives mere minutes away from my house. When I asked her how she found out about the group, she said she read an article in the paper last spring about it. Imagine my pleasure when I found out it was something I wrote! I guess I am used to the scathing rebukes such as those that resulted after my health club expose. For the record, I didn’t mean any harm when I wrote that the staff had “more brawn than brains” at Lifestyles 2000. Some people are too sensitive.

After Haddie’s nap, we’re heading out to “Fabulous Friday.” For those who don’t know what this is, let’s just say it’s anything but fabulous. It is a gargantuan craft night that the ladies from church put on once a year. After reviewing the tacky crafts they had on display, I opted to stick with my resolve of never going to those things. Until the homemaking leader dragged me out of class and made me sign up. So $30 later, I’m stuck going to this dumb thing to make tacky crafts that I’ll never use. Tell me just how fabulous that is?

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