The week of the family: Jamie

Between working, growing The Great Pumpkin and serving in the Bishopric, Jamie has been slaving around the clock. Last weekend, he took a break to have a fabulous weekend at play.

For Father’s Day, we grilled steaks and gave Jamie memorable presents such as the children’s book I Can Be Anything. Why would we do such a thing? The very first job it talks about is being a pumpkin grower.

If you could even consider that a job.

The kids and I made him a card listing our favorite things we like to do with him. Visiting the pumpkin patch, wrestling and playing games were favorites but Bode’s No. 1 choice?

“Taking a break with him.” (See previous post about his recent laziness phase.)

On Friday, we had a very refined dinner on the back patio at Paris on the Platte.

Or not.

We then did a walking tour of Commons Park, one of downtown Denver’s coolest areas. We cooled off with caramel popcorn ice cream and raced down the slide at Little Man Ice Cream.

Sometimes, pictures defy words.

We explored new trails along the Platte River, were puzzled at obtuse sculptures, marveled at the tree tightropers and rolled down a steep hill.

Saturday, we attended the Highlands Street Festival, a cornucopia of some of the cutest vendors and booths I have ever seen. I wore a new shirt with a big flower attached to it. As we prepared to leave, Jamie walked over to me and poked my new accessory.

“I just bought this. Don’t you love it?”
“It looks like a nylon is stuck to your shirt.”

For the Week of the Family’s final post, stay tuned for a big announcement of the newest member of our family!

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