If asked what is your favorite day of the week, what would it be? Undoubtedly, I am one of the few who prefers Wednesdays. My reasoning? Jamie’s mom Linda relieves me of my duties and has an afternoon out with Hadley. It’s tough to say who loves these outings more…her or me. Probably her. Before I even start to leave, Haddie waves “bye bye.” Attachment disorder she does not have.

She also does something only exclusively for Linda, something I call the Grandma Run. The second she spots her, Haddie races across the room into her arms. For Jamie and me, occasionally we’ll get a smile or a brief acknowledgement of our existence.

The one time the little Boo raced to greet me after an evening out with friends, I swung open the door, only to knock my eagerly-awaiting baby back into the wall, thereby banging her head twice. Daddy got an earful that night! It reminds me of my dog Lacy from my youth. As a pup, I was her favorite. Until I smacked her right in the face with the soccer ball. Dogs (and babies) do not forget. I think Haddie still blames me for the trauma of the birth canal.

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