What a Weekend Part I

Dear DoubleTree Neighbors,

This is a letter to apologize for the sleepless night you endured at the DoubleTree Hotel on Saturday. If it is any consolation to you, we received even less sleep (as my husband noted on his blog.)

We knew we were in trouble when we attempted to nap earlier in the day. As my sweetie and I laid there on the cushy bed with fluffy pillows, we couldn’t help but marvel about our perfect little getaway weekend. I mean, what could be better than a trip to the North Pole (details forthcoming), surrounded by the splendor of the Rocky Mountains?

Then we were jolted out of our reverie by the two children who screamed and wailed around us. The funny thing was when one would finally fall asleep, they’d get woken up by the other. Hilarious, right? It made me marvel at all those poor people in the world who live in a one-bedroom home. Either they never get any sleep or they are the deepest sleepers in the world.

The evening didn’t start too badly, dear neighbors. As you will recall, The Children went down with only minor fussing. Until 11:30 p.m. when the Hurricane was aroused and delirium ensued for an hour as she wailed that every part on her body hurt. Imagine that! Enduring such a horrific condition when only two years old.

And then The Slug awoke an hour later, thus beginning our memorable all-nighter. Aren’t you glad you forked over $136/night to be reminded why you 1) don’t have children 2) have children who sleep or 3) were smart enough to leave them at home.

Again my dear neighbors, please accept our deepest apologies. In the end, we had to tag team as my dear husband calmed the Hurricane in his corner and I battled the slug in mine. Rest assured (or more like an extreme lack thereof), we will think twice before taking the children with us again. Be comforted in knowing that absolutely no hanky panky occurred with the children present. Because the last thing on our minds was a desire to make anymore.



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