What Too Much Estrogen Does to Your Brain

I have infected Jamie, He Who Rarely Gets Sick. I guess you could say we have an infectious marriage (if you like cheesy puns). Which I evidently do.

I sucked it up last weekend and still managed to have a great girl’s weekend at play. On Saturday night, I went to a baby shower with all my neighbors that consisted of cruising to a downtown restaurant in a mini-van and talking about the good ol’ days when we would stay out past 9 p.m. Oh yeah, we’ve still got it.

Though it is questionable what exactly ‘it’ is.

Sunday, I met some of the mamas–the Mile High Mamas, that is. I dragged ailing hubby, teething Bode and rambunctious Hadley over to Aimee’s place for a BBQ.

I do not expect a return invitation anytime soon.

Expert photographer Aimee graciously took pictures of Julie, Catherine and me for the profile page. While the four of us chatted on the back patio, the men cooked, cleaned up, changed diapers and watched all the kids.

I think we may be onto something with this site.

As for inquiring minds who want to know: the design is complete and we are currently waiting for The Denver Post staff to pull the backoffice together. I do not have a launch date yet but the end is in site…errr…sight.

Should have stopped while I was ahead, I guess….

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