What’s your take?

Denver has become John Karr obsessed. If you’re unfamiliar with who he is then maybe you’ve heard of a certain little girl named JonBenet Ramsey who he has professed to have killed. Living a stone’s throw away from Boulder, we are in the midst of a media circus. Insanity. I’ve never really lived in a newsworthy environment but suddenly, it’s all anyone talks about.

“Holy crap–did you hear he ate king crab on his flight back from Thailand?”

“Did you know that Karr’s movie rights are for sale?”

“How about those estrogen pills they found at his apartment?”

So, I’m curious about the coverage this has received on the national level and if you’re being overly-saturated as well. I feel like I’m living in a tabloid. Only it’s not the ridiculous celebrity gossip, such as whether or not a drunken Lindsey Lohan corrupted Disneyland or if K-Fed and Britney’s white-trash marriage really is on the rocks. Oh, and Oprah? I’m sure she dumped Steadman for good so she could be with her lesbo lover, Gail. In case you hadn’t heard.

Even though I don’t read them, I can talk tabloid with the best of ‘em, a fact that I’m sure would make my grandma proud if she was still alive today. In addition to trying to convince me to dye my eyebrows jet-black, she religiously tried to convert me to the Enquirer for years. You know, back in its really salacious days. It is still a mystery how the magazine somehow always ended up in our Christmas stockings every year. Because I’m sure Santa wanted us to know that an alien gave birth to twins and that the Virgin Mary appeared to thousands.

But I digress. Back to the big question about Karr: did he or didn’t he?

After all, Enquiring minds want to know….

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