When a Woman Loves a Man: The Pumpkin Version

I’ll admit it: I rarely go out to the pumpkin patch. I venture over there a few times a year to help Jamie with a few tasks but mostly, I watch the pumpkin’s progress from our porch or bedroom window. And I hear about the pumpkin 24-7 so it’s not like I’m absent from the process.

But the day of the pumpkin party, Jamie had a request: could I please come help him take the pumpkin’s final measurements? If you will recall, it was raining. Hard.

“Just wear some shoes you don’t mind getting muddy,” he counseled.

I did just that. As we were walking out to the patch, he noticed them.

“But those are my shoes you’re wearing.”


Smart wife, non?

You haven’t lived until you’ve measured a giant pumpkin in the rain. He uses an over-sized tape measure and barks orders of where to hold it to get it exactly right. The pumpkin was wet and slippery so it took several tries but we finally measured the beast and emerged muddy and soaking wet.

The takeaway? Greater love hath no wife than she who measures a giant pumpkin with her husband in the rain.


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