When the chips are down

I am generally a chipper person and a delight to be around. At least that’s what my latest fortune cookie professed.

It obviously didn’t take Saturday into account.

Y’see, I woke up sick. Because as previously stated, I am on the six-week sick cycle and it was past due. The plague evidently does not exempt people who were ill for the first two months of the year. It does not care.

All I wanted to do was lie in bed and let everyone else disappear. Unfortunately, I married one and then gave birth to two others. You know: they-who-refuse-to dissipate.

Jamie also had his “Macho Saturday” at the church. I don’t know who named the event but all I know is I would run away FAST from anything deemed “Feminine Friday.” But that probably just means I am insecure about my femininity.

Jamie evidentally oozes machismo because he delved into the variety of classes including deck building, steel framing, welding and golf lessons. Because all the former were just a cover for the latter.

I somehow survived the day and even made it to our neighbor’s BBQ that night but I wish my ailments could all be made better by the mere mention of a Happy Meal. Y’see, Hadley recently contracted a little bug that chose to reveal itself out her butt. In mass quantities. Oh, and did I mention she is still in diapers? (For an update on just how successful our potty training efforts are going, check out Jamie’s latest post.)

For much of the day, she was downright hysterical. And of course, she finally calmed down a few minutes before Jamie arrived home. Upon entering the house, he announced we should go to McDonald’s to cheer her up. Never mind I can’t stand their food. But being the good mom I am, I reluctantly tagged along and boycotted everything except for a handful of fries and two shakes that Haddie and I fought over. OK, maybe I’m not that good of a mom.

Jamie then decided to strike up fast-food appropriate conversation.

“I watched Supersize me on TV the other day.”

“And so you figured after watching about the demise fast-food joints cause the American public that McDonald’s would be a wise choice for your sick daughter.”

“Sometimes carcinogens can do us good, Amber.”

He should have stopped there. So should have I.

“Jamie, I’m surprised they’re already showing it on TV. What station was it on?”

“I don’t remember. Oh wait. Maybe it was on the Superchannel.”

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