When There’s a Will, There’s a Wife with a Way

Hurricane Hadley has an abundance of toys, most of which have been given to her or I have bought at garage sales. This abundance (or over-abundance as Hunky Hubby likes to call it) has inspired him to issue a decree that I am no longer allowed to buy her any toys. For the most part, I have abided by this. Well, except for the little golf clubs I recently bought. Oh yeah, and the Play-doh. The kid needed Play-doh, y’know.

Anyway, we were over at his parent’s place for dinner and I asked his mom, Linda, if she was still going to garage sales these days.

Linda: Not so much lately. Why, do you need anything?

Me: Well, Hadley needs some little figurines for her doll house.

Hunky Hubby interjects: NO! NO! NO! Amber, how many times do I need to tell you not to buy Hadley any more toys?

Me: I couldn’t agree with you more. And that’s why I asked your mom to do it for me.

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