Why I can relate to Benjamin Button

Now that I’m more than seven days out from the glories of my previous week, I’m starting to have some perspective on the situation.

One that does not have anything to do with toilet views.

The first several days of our Thanksgiving break were actually great. We met with our besties Tina, Nolan and Rowan at Family Sports Center, a 1500,00 square foot entertainment center in Centennial where we played ’til our heart’s content.
A favorite were the knock-down, drag-out fights in the bouncy sports arena. Do you see Hadley in the green?

Now, look to her left on the ground where you’ll see Bode in flight.

Perhaps this was a pre-cursor to busting his wrist.

But I’ll tell you what: I was astonished he could get up on that pedestal and hold that knocking block, which was 10 times his size.
His buddy Nolan was much more gracious and let Bode serve up a few wins.


On Wednesday night, Bode showed early signs of the plague that later struck our family so on Thanksgiving day, he and Jamie opted out of our annual hike up Turkey Trot. They encouraged Haddie and I to have a girl’s morning out so after doing some food prep, we raced outta there before they could change their mind.

And raced up that mountain–it’s seriously not an easy hike.

Since it’s such a challenging and long(ish) loop, we usually only do about an hour of it to an overlook of the city. But this girl wanted to keep going. Two hours later, we arrived back at the car, exhausted and happy. I realized we are fast approaching our Benjamin Button moment. If you’re not familiar with the love story, Benjamin was born an old man and grows younger through the years. The women whom he loves is just the opposite and for a few, brief fleeting years they meet together in the middle as equals.

As Hadley blazed up that trail, I realized it’s not very long before she will be surpassing me and I will be the decrepit old woman.

As we hiked, I saw what looked like a mother and daughter. The daughter was in her mid-20s while the mom was likely in her 50s.

I pointed them out. “Do you think that can be us when you grow up, Hadley?” (brimming with pride and sentimentality).

Hadley carefully observed them before reluctantly saying, “Yeah, I guess. If you can keep up with me.”

Better enjoy it while I can.

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