Would Wouldn’t Jesus Do?

My crazy weekend looms before me with Jamie’s birthday on Saturday and the big Christmas party tomorrow. It hasn’t been without its share of bumps in the road. Like when a certain person with whom I have worked for weeks on their assignment decided at the last minute to dump it on someone else and sent me scrambling. This is only one of the many fun things I’ve been dealing with this week and makes me wonder why I am going to all the effort? Oh yeah. For Jesus, about Jesus. Must. Not. Lose. Focus.

Speaking of which, I went for a walk with Haddie in the snow earlier this week. She had a grand time going from house to house and playing with their Christmas decorations.

As some may remember from this time last year, Hadley has some interesting religious inclinations. At one point during our walk, we came upon a little nativity scene. I explained the story of Jesus’ birth to her and for a moment, those figurines seemed to come to life as she gazed upon them, awestruck. I was so touched, so moved by the whole scene and wished I had my camera to capture it.

Until, that is, she bent over, grabbed some snow and started hucking snowballs at the baby Jesus….

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