You know it’s a dark Black Friday when…

….getting the stomach flu is not the lowlight of your day.

On Wednesday night, we had the missionaries over for dinner during which time Bode complained of stomach pain and spent the rest of the night writhing on the toilet with diarrhea. By the next morning (Thanksgiving), he starting to feel better and we thought it had blown over until I was lying in bed that evening and started to feel It. I spent pretty much most of the night in the bathroom, only to have Hadley succumb by throwing up all over her bed this morning.

Yes, it does get worse.

Today was the only day Jamie could hang the Christmas lights and so I assisted him in hauling our big, heavy boxes down from the attic in the garage. I moved the cars onto our driveway and when I came back into the house, Bode was crying hysterically. I raced up to his room to learn he tried to open the blinds to his window by standing on a crate but it had tipped and he had crunched his wrist. Badly.

I usually open up his room first thing in the morning. But if you will recall, his deadbeat mother was praying to the porcelain gods.

Though Jamie was showing signs of the plague, he was the best of the worst so got to take Bode to his first ER visit.

That’s one milestone I’m kinda glad to have missed.

Several hours later, he was diagnosed with a buckle wrist fracture and we’ll have to meet with an orthopedic surgeon next week to get a cast once the swelling has gone down.

And then the fun begins.

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