Why Stan is the Man

I share my dad’s love for the outdoors so we always go play whenever we’re together. This time around, we determined biking would be our adventure de choix.

Or, at least we tried.

Day 1: 15 minutes into our ride, I realized my tire was flat and I didn’t have any repair tools. Gave him not-so stellar directions to bike home (he got kinda lost) and called annoyed Jamie who drove to get me. Took wheel off bike and got it repaired at bike shop.

Day 2: Second attempt at Father-Daughter bike ride. Could not get the wheel back on my road bike. SERIOUSLY (Jamie, Dad and I all attempted…and failed). Took it back to the bike shop; once again, Dad goes on solo bike ride.

Day 3: Extremely determined and finally go on lovely ride along Ralston Creek to Tucker Lake.

Seem tranquil? I assure you it was not. This was the scene just two minutes prior.

Though my dad is an avid outdoor enthusiast who bikes daily in the summer, my toe clips proved problematic. This is just a nice way of saying when he slowed to a stop, he forgot his feet were stuck in them and he fell over.

He couldn’t move his finger for a couple of days and had some scrapes and bruises but Stan the Man got back on that bike and finished the ride up a steep hill.

I wanna be just like him when I’m in my 70s.

Tough. Not the part about falling over from forgetfulness.

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