10 Years Ago Today

Ten Years Ago Today, I married the perfect man for me–one who knows and loves me better than anyone. Who is wise beyond his years, patient, fun, romantic, kind and hilarious. Our wedding day was perfect. That word isn’t usually in my vocabulary but that is exactly what it was because of the man I was to marry and the beloved people who surrounded us with their love.

The night before, my in-laws graciously arranged a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner for our out-of-town guests, catered by Jamie’s good friend, Chef Mike. I stayed up late giggling with dear friends in our condo, wondering if I could ever fall asleep before the most important day of my life.

February 15, 2003 dawned bright, beautiful and SNOWY! Denver was having a severe drought and this was certainly not in the forecast but was a dream come true for this Canuck bride!  Jamie came to pick me up and after only one minor stress-related freakout (quite miraculous for me), we drove to the Denver LDS Temple. The grounds were spectacular and the snowy-frosting on all the trees was good enough to eat.

For me, one of the most beloved facets of the LDS faith is the knowledge that marriages and families are forever, bestowed through the process of being sealed in the temple. To be in that sealing room surrounded by those we love, kneeling across the alter from this amazing man and literally feeling the concourses of angels–to date it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and I couldn’t help but blubber all the way through it.

And we’re talking “the big, ugly cry” as Oprah calls it.

When we left the temple, the party began.  Here are some snapshots I took of our wedding photo albums. Scanners are for wussies…or rather, people who have way more time than I but you get the idea.

I literally get weepy when I see these pictures of all our loved ones. See my niece Emily in that red coat? Haddie wears it now

My family

Jamie’s family

The Parents

My Maid of Honor Stacey whom I’ve literally known since birth

Jamie and I were both at BYU at the same time, graduated in the same department, had likely played volleyball together at Carriage Cove every night one summer and yet never met until eight years later. It was during our lovely wedding reception at the Marriott that the craziest thing happened. I had many wonderful friends from my BYU days come to Colorado for the wedding, as did Jamie. And many of these friends knew each other from BYU. Just another meant-to-be moment.

That evening, we had our reception at a charming cabin in the mountains. Before I even moved to Denver, my mother-in-law Linda had searched out reception venues for me and patiently toured me around until we found the perfect one. Just 15 minutes from Denver in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Chief Hosa Lodge was my dream come true. Cozy with multiple fireplaces, white lights and a harpist, it was oh-so quaint.  The snow that evening made it magical. The reception was a blur with memories of the many people who would become my Denver family. We kept things simple–No wedding party, no painful line.  We greeted our guests, chased bubbles, dined on the delicious food that included croquembouche (a traditional French dessert I fell in love with on my mission) and danced the night away. It was the favorite wedding I’ve ever attended.

It’s a good thing, too, because it was all mine.

Last night we gathered the kids together to share our love story with them for the first time–the full one that very few know. They were captivated and mesmerized and my heart was full as I marveled at the family life we have been blessed to create in such a short amount of time.

Happy 10 Years to my beloved Pumpkin Man. I feel infinitely blessed to be yours.

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