A quiet, chocolate- and bunny-ear-filled Easter

After spending recent years in Utah for Easter and Spring Bring, out celebrations in Denver were decidedly low-key. There was the requisite Easter egg hunt where I bought chocolates I don’t really like.

It didn’t work; I poached the candy anyway.

Easter dinner was delicious with Uncle Chris’ smoked ham, Aunt Lisa’s funeral potatoes and my famous Lion House rolls.

Lion house rolls before being baked.

Perhaps most notable is the Easter apron my mom sent me with (brace yourself) bunny ear apron strings.

These two appear devious because I repeatedly busted them for trying to do bunny ears in the picture. On Easter. Well played, children.
And if you think they look like model siblings, think again. On the drive to church, Bode started planning all the fun things we’ll do as a family once Hadley goes away to college.

Because it’s never too early to start planning.

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