Boot Camp Week Five (and counting!)

So, it’s ummm…err..uhhh…snowing here. You know. In May. If I had signed up for this kind of crap, I’d be back in the Motherland with my frozen nose hairs!

I am week five into my boot camp/weight loss journey. And week five is always a toughie for me. Why? I have never made it beyond that.

Did I do it this week? Well, maybe if that blasted Chuck E. Cheese hadn’t made his appearance.

For all the sordid details (and haaaaalp!), checkout Mile High Mamas on Friday!


This week was a tough one for me. It wasn’t because I had to work the entire weekend at The Colorado Women’s Expo. My efforts were actually commendable – I packed all my food and did not cheat even once.

I even resisted the treats I had at my booth. Before you congratulate me on this exhorbant display of will power, I must confess that I stocked it with food that I hate.

Because I have that much faith in my ability to resist temptation. :-)

In the Boot Camp Biggest Loser Club on Wednesday, I had an epiphany of why my week was so tough: I just passed the one-month mark and for whatever reason or another, I blow every diet I have ever been on at this time.

Well, most are blown loooong before that but rest assured if I make it to five weeks, I start “rewarding” myself for job well done. Only instead of a pat on the back, I start consuming foods that will pad my butt.

But without further ado, my weekly weigh loss was 2 pounds. My five-week total weight loss is 13 pounds with a loss of 4% body fat since I began.

To look at the numbers, I know I am on track with where I need to be and I need to stop beating myself up every time I stray. As Life Coach Robyn says, “You made your choice. There is no reason to be consumed by guilt about it. Just make the adjustments you need and keep going.”

And she’s right. I was trucking along just fine last week until I went to a party at every parent’s hell kid’s paradise: Mr. Chuck E. Cheese. I started strong, really I did. I went out of my way to order the salad bar. But then all those gloriously greasy pizzas’ delicious scent kept wafting toward me like the forbidden fruit.

And I did partake.

I blame the serpent mouse.

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