Boot Camp Week Four (and counting!)

This is my family.

This is the kind of food my family tempted me with ALL. WEEKEND. LONG.

Any questions?

Come find out at Mile High Mamas on Friday if I miraculously lost any weight with my Said Tempters in town. And tell me what your foodie weaknesses are!! After last weekend, I need all the help I can get.

P.S. Regular posting continues next week after the Expo. Should I survive it…..


One of the things I love most about Front Range Adventure Boot Camp is the cohesive community of women – a kind of bonding that can only be achieved through mutual suffering success.

The same could be said about The Boot Camp Biggest Loser Club, though it is more about sharing. And disdain for The Scale. Prior to attending my first meeting, I pictured a giant-sized one with everyone standing around gawking. Fortunately, weigh-ins are much more discreet but for the first time this week, The Scale was not Foe but Friend.

After we finished weighing in, Life Coach Robyn called out, “There is a problem with the accuracy of the weight on the scale today.”


Finally, a brave person queried, “Errr…is the weight more or less?”

“It is adding three pounds to everyone’s weight.”


So without further ado, my weekly weigh loss is 2 pounds. That makes my four-week total weight loss 11 pounds! This is before the three pounds Robyn told us to subtract but I figure I will wait to make the adjustment until she recalibrates the scale next week. After all, I have always wanted one of those 10-pound weight loss weeks like on the show. :-)

This was by far my most challenging week with a visit from my Canadian dad and aunt. Usually, I have a controlled environment with only healthy food but they brought in the very evils and spoils of society that included chips, dips, pies, brownies, and my biggest weakness – cookies.

It was my first real test to put all the lessons and soul-searching I have done at boot camp into practice. My goal was to not only survive but to thrive. One thing Robyn advocates is to not completely deprive yourself of things you love, otherwise you obsess about it and overindulge. It is about learning moderation.

And moderation I had. Well, except for my brownie indulgence. The sad thing is am not even a huge fan of chocolate.

At least I could have splurged on a cookie….

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