Busted at BlogHer ’08–Part II

Hands down, the best thing about BlogHer ’08 was my roommates. Anyone who can survive me for an entire weekend should receive a medal. And as for my family? A life-time achievement award.

I had a grand time with each gal and these are a few of my favorite memories:

Jill of Glossyveneer is super petite and sweet. She just started running last year and decided to do a marathon. Because isn’t that what every first-time runner aspires to do? Jill was in charge of setting the alarm and just to illustrate how nice she is, she said this after our first night together:

“I have been turning over every 15 minutes all morning watching the clock
so I can make sure to grab the alarm when it goes off. I didn’t want it to
wake everyone!”

Ummm, call me crazy but isn’t that the point of an alarm clock? Rest assured, they were privy to my brand of wake-up calls: steam rolling.


Speaking of sleeping, Michelle of Scribbit was my bed buddy and evidently, things got cozy with this tall and refined beauty in our full-sized bed one evening.

Amber: “I just want to commend everyone for being such quiet sleepers last night!”

Michelle: “Well, except for when you snuggled up to me and stroked my hair with your arm over my chest.”

Jamie is still lamenting why I don’t ever do this to him.

Evidently I have a thing for blondes.


This was Loralee of Loralee’s Looney Tunes’ first year at BlogHer but she has been stalking visiting many of the popular blogs for a year now so she was the one doing the introductions.

Well, with the exception of our final morning when we sat down at a table with publicists from GCI Group in New York. As we were going around the table introducing ourselves, the conversation went roughly like this:

“Hi, I’m Amber. I blog about my life at Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck and am also the editor of The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas blah blah blah.”

“Hi, I’m Michelle and I blog at the popular blog Scribbit. I run my own advertising and am looking different ways to expand my business opportunities blah blah blah.”

“Hi, I’m Jill and I have been blogging at Glossyveneer since way back in 1991 and am training to run a marathon while raising money for the Leukemia and Olymphoma Society blah blah blah.”

“Hi, I’m Loralee and I blog at Loralee’s Looney Tunes about my Ta-Tas.”

How can a person compete with that? They can’t, which is why the male publicists at our table never gave the rest of us a second glance and why Loralee was a show-stopper everywhere she went!


Not to dwell on all my air-travel traumas but Hadley had a fascinating insight about it all the other night.

For those who need a refresher: Flew to Canada with children. Airline lost Bode’s reservation. We were stuck on the runway for three hours due to a storm. Flying back to Colorado, the flight was canceled due to bird in windshield. Huge nightmare ensued with rebooking. Flew to San Francisco the next day. First flight smooth. Layover from Orange County canceled. Shuttled down to LAX. Caught another flight several hours later. Flying back to Colorado, not enough room for the plane so it was rescheduled to International Terminal. Everyone on the flight bused to new gate. Huge delays. Then the mechanical problems began.

To sum it up, I won’t be flying anytime soon. But my children do every night. After our bedtime routine, we “airplane” the kids to bed. When Hadley came in for her landing a few nights ago, she asked:


“Yes Hadley.”

“Did my flight just get canceled?”


I have included a list of some of the great people I met at BlogHer. At least those whose business cards miraculously survived the trip home.

Alex Year Two ; Attack of the Redneck Mommy; Believer in Balance ; Crazy Says What ; Crunchy Carpets; The Dana Files; Delicious Baby; Geek Mommy; goGUgo; goodyblog; Indulge Laugh Create; It’s My Life; Mommy Bits; Mommy Needs a Cocktail; Mommy Poppins; Mom Without a Map; Send Chocolate; See Jane Fly; Shannon Renee Mouton; Shazia Mistry; Sizzle Says; Sparkplugging; Table4Five; The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide; Uptake.com; VDog & Little Man; Velveteen Mind; Watch Me! No Watch Me!

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