Twilight, BlogHer, Spa and Bullies, OH MY!

Twilight Week

It’s been a busy week of recovering from my latest ailment (because that is what I do). I have a lot going down and some very fun news I’ll divulge next week once it’s confirmed. It involves Twilight. In fact, I’m declaring next week Twilight Week. Who’s in? If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, there is still time to come over to The Dark Side!

BlogHer or Bust

As many of you know, I have attended BlogHer the last two years–the biggest, baddest blogging convention around for women. This year, I got wait-listed. Because that is what I do. And then I get sick.

I just heard back that I’m *in* if I want to be. Problem is I’m not sure if I want to go. I may have missed the boat on getting a roommate who does not get sick as often as she blows her nose. Oh wait, that would be me and I am the bestestestest roommate around. Just ask Jamie. The guy who sometimes sleeps on the couch. I’m curious if you know of anyone who got added at the last minute to the BlogHer roster or someone who is looking for a spooner roommate?

A ‘Lil Thing Called Lice

Today, I will be checking out the reputable Indulgences Day Spa for a Mile High Mamas feature. If you will recall, my last spa visit elsewhere resulted in this catastrophe. I have high hopes I will not acquire H1N1. Because acquiring infectious diseases in the most unlikely places is what I do.

P.S. Any potential BlogHer roommates? Please disregard the last paragraph. I swear I am disease-free. For now.

Bully or Bust

We are also in the throes of party-planning for Haddie’s big bash on Monday. As we were discussing her invite list, conversation turned to a kid who can sometimes be a bully. I am also good friends with his mother, which means Said Bully will be in attendance.

Hadley gets along fine with Said Bully but her friend Alex does not. When she asked if he would be invited, I responded affirmatively. Alex started to protest but my dear Hubby, ever the diplomat, stepped in:

“Don’t worry, Alex. He’s mean but fair. He beats on everybody equally.”

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