I finally made the front page!

OK, don’t get too excited–it’s not like it was the New York Times or anything.
I just returned from three glorious days in Steamboat Springs where I had the opportunity to be on a New Media panel for the Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference.
My friend Kara Williams (my fellow panelist) said we hit it big today: We were on the front page of Steamboat Springs’ newspaper. :-)  

They didn’t get all the facts and rankings straight (like Park City Mountain Resort was No. 1) but they did a nice mention of Snowmamas.com and some of our case studies. 
Many more details later but after three weeks of travels, next week is allll about playing catch-up.  But no complaints here because I’ve had a stellar few weeks. I mean, how often do you get the chance to wear a Viking hat in a photo booth?

It just can’t be wrong when it feels so right.


You never know who’s reading. I got contacted via Twitter by a former Fortune 500 executive who read the article in the Steamboat Today and wrote about it at Forbes. Read the Changing Face of Ski Marketing.

See above Viking picture for just what that face may look like.

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