We’re on the cusp of four weeks of non-stop insanity that includes Haddie’s birthday and baptism, juggling both sets of grandparents for a week each, redoing Haddie’s bedroom with my mother-in-law, adventure camp at Avid4 Adventure, Disneyland, two weeks of swim lessons, a trip to YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park and I have a conference in Keystone.

Oh, and then we’re heading to Canada in July.

Basically, if you need anything from me I’ll be available in August.

I’m excited my parents are arriving on Memorial Day for their visit. Though we have a spare bedroom that doubles as my den, it’s less-than optimal for my mom whose poor health requires comfortable living quarters and a nearby bathroom. We’re gladly giving them our Master Bedroom during the visit and Jamie and I will camp out in the basement.

At least that’s the story we’re telling them. One morning they may wake up with the kids and discover we’re playing hookey in Hawaii.

The room-darkening shades in our and Haddie’s bedroom have been busted for months. Though they still work, there are some glitches with getting them to stay up so Jamie chose THIS WEEK OF ALL WEEKS to get them fixed. We won’t get them back until after my parents arrive and so Jamie opted to put a towel in the windows to block out the sun in the morning.

Not just any towel but a nightmare-in-the-making.

“Are you kidding me? I can’t sleep with that thing looking at me.”
“It’s fine.Plus, that towel is big enough to fit the window perfectly.”
“What about my mother? She is going to be sleeping with it?!!”
She’s the one who bought it for me (during our vacation to the Outer Banks).”

Welcome to Denver, Mommy Dearest.

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