The Monster My Mother Created

We’re a family of contrasts.

Jamie obsessively clips his nails and for a while, Bode followed suit.

Though I usually suffer through a pedicure in the summer (the heel scraping is like nails on a chalkboard), I just can’t be bothered to care about my fingernails and it’s painfully obvious.

But Hadley is the worst of us all and has always thrown a huuuuuuge fit whenever we’ve attempted to cut her nails. This probably stems from deep-rooted anxieties of when she was just a week old, I attempted to clip them and accidentally cut her. 

As if being a new mom wasn’t stressful enough, we were on our way out the door to meet Grandma for lunch. So, I was the Mother of Improvisation and put a little stock on her hand. By the time we arrived, her baby paw was perched in the air, the sock saturated in blood.

Ahh, good memories.

So, when my mom suggested we take Hadley for her first mani-pedi before she got baptized, I was wary. I mean, you practically have to hold the girl down to clip her nails and how would she do in public?

Turns out, surprisingly well.

So well, in  fact, when we were in Calgary, she was excited for a girl’s day out for yet another mani-pedi.

That was over a month ago and her nails are looking mangy. I heard Jamie cutting his nails and begged him to cut the kids’ as well. Bode was game but Hadley took one look at him and said,

“Naw, I’d rather go to the pedicure place.”

And so it begins.

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